The Nations

What We’re Doing Around The World!


Ambassador Ministries has conducted outreaches in India, not only to evangelize and teach, but also to stand with persecuted Christians.

Numerous outreaches to remote areas of China have been conducted, mostly on mountain bikes. We’ve been blessed to witness an entire people group open up to the Gospel, simply by praying for the sick and strengthening Believers in the south.

Ambassador Ministries is placing a major emphasis on the nation of Nigeria, which contains nearly one-quarter of the population of Africa.

Ambassador Ministries has conducted four major outreaches to this highly populated, very strategic and mostly Islamic nation. While many are unwilling to travel there, we’re grateful to God for the tremendous fruit we’ve seen in Pakistan.

Ambassador Ministries’ work in the US includes local fellowships, radio ministry and itinerating (teaching seminars, training meetings, healing outreaches and more).

Our work in Thailand began in 1992. By 2012, Ambassador Ministries had conducted 14 outreaches, primarily to remote tribal villages in the north. We’ve also sponsored orphans, supported native ministers and conducted relief projects.