Why Partnership

Why Partnership?

Craig DeMo, Founder & Director, Ambassador Ministries


Ambassador Ministries is not “our” ministry. We obey God, Who called us — but also, in everything we do, we’re representing our partners. When this ministry was formed, the desire in my heart was for God to raise up a team that would “reach the nations and equip the saints”. I have always viewed Ambassador Ministries as a team effort, never a one-man show.

Partnership is a powerful word. Some have thought it meant raising money. No, it’s a covenant, with Kingdom benefits for everyone who is a part of it. It’s the uniting of God-breathed visions for the expansion and enlargement of His Kingdom.

When you decide to become a partner with Ambassador Ministries, we make a commitment to YOU, and in turn, we ask YOU to make a commitment to this ministry.

As we partner together, we share in each other’s anointings, and each other’s rewards for obedient service to God. Further, this becomes YOUR ministry, as we accomplish together what we cannot do alone!

OUR COMMITMENT to Ambassador Ministries and to YOU:
  • To stay before God daily, seeking Him on your behalf, that the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ would be manifest in every area of your life.
  • To study God’s Word for revelation from heaven.
  • To boldly and unashamedly minister God’s Word to you in meetings, through audio messages, videos and printed materials.
  • To operate with integrity and excellence, which includes being a good steward of all financial resources placed in our hands.
  • To practice and faithfully model biblical partnership. That’s why we sow no less than 10% of all non-designated funds (earmarked for orphans, relief projects, etc.) into other ministries, multiplying the effectiveness of all seed sown.
  • To faithfully minister where God opens doors — and to represent YOU to the NATIONS.
YOUR COMMITMENT to Ambassador Ministries:
  • To pray for us.
  • To give us your prayer requests whenever possible.
  • To attend meetings or participate in outreaches if possible.
  • To support this ministry financially on a regular basis, “not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account” (Philippians 4:17).
  • To obey God in what He tells you to do in relation to this ministry.